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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Troup County Career Center (TCCC).

As a program of Troup County Schools, we serve students from all Troup County High Schools.   We focus on opportunities for students who may be successful through instructional delivery that is significantly different than what is traditionally offered.   Student learning is highly individualized.  Instruction is provided as-needed, based on diagnostic testing, through online learning programs in a blended environment  that is directly supported by certified teachers.    Students are able to progress at a rate based on their own individual proficiencies and performance.   Upon completion of each course, students receive credit that is transcripted to their base schools and apply to their graduation requirements.

Students are assigned to TCCC for one year by their base school and remain a part of their base school community. They are able to fully participate in any club, activity, or athletic program for which they are eligible.  Seniors who complete all graduation requirements early are waived attendance requirements and may move into full time work and other pursuits.

Students at the Troup County Career Center will also focus on employability skills and preparation for the working world.  Students will be offered opportunities for Work Based Learning (WBL), Youth Apprenticeship (YAP), and Dual Enrollment. Work Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship are successful programs for students who want real world experience in a career that they have shown interest in during school. Our programs offer the opportunity for hands-on learning in an actual work environment while getting class credit. We appreciate all of the local businesses and community organizations, large and small, that have opened their doors to work with our WBL program and students. WBL helps students focus on advancing  their development in specific  employability skills, such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and work ethic. Students interested in WBL should speak with their parents and counselors, then complete the application process. There are WBL program personnel on-site to assist with this process.

We are glad you are with us and look forward to helping you with your academic and personal successes.


Jeff Little